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How do I become a member of UMBUG?
Are you a member of staff or postgrad who cycles? If yes, consider yourself a member of UMBUG! Make your voice heard and support cycling by joining the mailing list (details below) and following UMBUG on Twitter and Facebook. Join the UMBUG mailing list, by emailing umbug-request@listserv.manchester.ac.uk with the word ’subscribe’ as the subject, and nothing in the body of the message (no signature). You will receive a confirmation email. If you don’t cycle, give it a try and then you too can be a member of UMBUG!

I am a student, what support is available for me?
Check out the Student Union’s Get on your Bike campaign and their facebook page. The Student Union also runs a bike hire scheme, called Biko Bikes, whereby abandoned bicycles are donated by Security, refurbished and then hired out to students.

Is there help to buy a bike?
Yes! You can save money on bikes and accessories through the Cycle to Work Scheme.

Is there help to borrow a bike?
The University does not currently have a bike hire scheme although short-term hire initiatives are sometimes available following the corridor partners Annual Cycle Event (usually in June). TfGM also have a helpful list of bike hire contacts.

Is there training to help me ride more confidently?
Yes, if you live, work or study in Manchester you have a number of options.

  • Transport for Greater Manchester run cycling training for the novice and more experienced alike, including Learn to Ride, On the Road and bike maintenance training.

  • Bike Right run Freewheeling courses. These courses are FREE but are usually £60 per session. The courses are at four different levels: Learn to Ride, Level 1 (Novices), Level 2 (Improvers), or Level 3 (Advanced Rider), so something for everyone.

  • UMBUG has its very own qualified instructor. Kathy England is a qualified National Standard Cycle Instructor and a Breeze Ride Leader. She is more than happy to carry out some 1:1 confidence building training, as well as offering local route tips. To enquire with Kathy drop her an email: kathy.england@manchester.ac.uk

How can I make sure my bike is safe?

What does the University do to support cycling?
It does lots! The University gives us help buying bikes, provides showers for us to freshen up, keeps our bikes safe in secure shelters, provides subsidised bike locks and a bike marking service. Find out more on the University cycling webpages. Of course, it also supports staff via the University of Manchester Bicycle Users’ Group which fosters a sense of community and promotes cycling for University staff. Join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Is UMBUG affiliated to Cycling UK?
Yes, the University has renewed it’s Bicycle User Group membership with Cycling UK. The group affiliation means that individuals can affiliate too and enjoy all the benefits available at a discounted price of £24 per person for annual membership. If you are interested, contact umbug@manchester.ac.uk for the club code and enter it in the box at the bottom of the page when you join via www.cyclinguk.org/join-membership/setup/AFMI.

Where are the bike shelters on campus?
From Sackville Street to Stopford Building there are 9 shelters across campus.

How do I report a problem with a shelter, cycle route or cycling facilities at the University?
Contact the Estates Helpdesk. If you would like to report an abandoned bike (or parts), please contact the Environmental Sustainability team.

Where are the bicycle repair stands on campus located?

  • University Place (near Williamson entrance)
  • Roscoe Building (to the right of the cycle shelter on Brunswick Street)
  • Alan Gilbert Learning Commons (near the large cycle shelter at the back of the SU)
  • Manchester Meeting Place (under the canopy on North Campus)

You can see the locations on the University active travel map.

I am put off cycling as I would need a shower, is there a shower near my office?
From Sackville Street to Stopford Building many of our major buildings have showers – see the locations on the active travel map.

I hate cycling in the rain – do you have any tips?
We like to think there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing, but if you want to try to avoid the rain, check out the Met Office rainfall radar page or AccuWeather.com for a minute-by-minute weather forecast.

Can I claim mileage for using my bicycle on University business trips?
Yes – you can claim 20p per mile (the HMRC tax free rate) for using your own cycle on University business trips. If you make business trips by cycle, please do claim what you are entitled to and encourage others to also. Although it is a relatively small amount per journey, it is worth keeping a record and submitting a claim for multiple trips. Claiming will help create data to demonstrate non-carbon business travel that is saving the University funds compared to other forms of travel. Claims are made via the online staff expenses claim form.

How do I report a cycle issue or pothole in Greater Manchester?
See the cycling in your area pages on the TfGM cycling site. Here you can find out how to report potholes or other surface problems as well as lots of other useful advice, depending on the council / area.

Is there anywhere I can report a near miss?
See the Collideoscope website where you can find road collisions and near misses near you and also report your own. You may also find the Near Miss Project report an interesting read.

What else is happening in Manchester for cyclists?
Check out the Transport for Greater Manchester cycling homepage for lots of information about cycle hubs, training, their vision for transforming cycling in Greater Manchester, maps and lots more.

Where can I find/log routes?

Also coming soon – quieter cycle routes on iManchester, the University app.