Cycling Stories: Gary Motteram

Gary Motteram

Gary Motteram, University academic, cycles from Chorlton

I cycle from Chorlton to work most days during the academic year and go out on occasional bike rides elsewhere. I have ridden longer distances, but only for charity.

What inspired you to give cycling a go? I have been cycling most of my life. I had a bicycle from a very young age and started cycling to school when I was 11. I used to go out for regular bike rides with my brother and I haven’t really looked back since. My Dad cycled to work and this might have been an influence, but I have been cycling to the University for 30 years and it seems a natural thing to do.

What do you enjoy about cycling to work? I enjoy the freedom of cycling and being in control of my mode of transport. I also find it good to have a transition between home and work; cycling allows me to both get ready for work and to wind down for a bit at least on the way home. I also like being in the fresh air, although I have to say I don’t enjoy getting wet.

What would you say to other people thinking of giving cycling a go? I would say go for it. It’s a healthy way to travel and cycle clothing is now very effective if you are worried about the weather. Increasingly, employers are providing better facilities for people who want to take a shower, or just get changed. I would say it has many more positives than negatives.

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