Monthly Archives: January 2015

Cyclist volunteers required for Manchester Foodbank

Manchester Central Foodbank ( are looking for cyclists to help move food around the city to their distribution centre at the Chaplaincy on Oxford Road.  They have some bikes and trailers for the purpose and are hoping to build a list of people to occasionally help out (they emphasise that it needn’t be a big or regular commitment).  If you’re interested, please get in touch with them at and they’ll get back to you.

Projects for UMBUG in 2015

UMBUG held an open meeting on Tuesday 13th January to generate ideas for key projects in 2015 to support current and potential cyclists at the University.

It was an excellent brainstorming session and many suggestions were made on how UMBUG can:

  • promote the group and cycling at the University;
  • further investment for current (and future) cyclists;
  • help promote modal change (from cars to bikes).

UMBUG is always looking for willing volunteers to help make a difference. If you’d like to get involved, just send us an email.

Bike thefts on campus

There has been a spate of bike thefts on campus, 7 in the last week (correct 12/1/15) – many of which involved cable locks being snipped.  Please do check out the University’s crime reduction page, where subsidised heavy-duty d-locks are available, as well as times & places for getting your frame security-marked:

Crime Reduction at UoM’s facebook page:

Velodrome jumble sale

Cycle jumble sale at the velodrome

Sharp elbows required! Cycle jumble sale at the velodrome.

As advertised at the cycle breakfast this weekend, the annual Cycle Jumble Sale at the velodrome in Eastlands was this Saturday (10th) and was extremely  busy.  Apart from the great cycling bargains to look at, the sale area was in the centre of the velodrome and the team pursuit practice.  It was extremely busy – despite the miserable January weather!