Beat The Bogle 6-7 March 2015

‘Raise and Give’ Students Charity Society Manchester is organising its annual BOGLE event on 6-7th March 2015, this year being the 54th edition! The Bogle Stroll is the longest challenge at 55 miles, but there is also the shorter Ramble at 26 miles and the Roll, a bike ride of 78 miles. The event is fun and challenging, being a great opportunity to explore the Greater Manchester urban area while taking part in an iconic and rewarding Mancunian event.
Bogle is so much better if lots of people take part so bring a team from your department to take part. You just need to register online and pay a booking fee, which covers costs and a deposit in case the funding target is missed. The fundraising target this year is £60, to go to the NSPCC, or a charity of your choice.
Hope to see you at Bogle with your team and a lot of energy! If you have any questions, please contact Ioana Negrila, Bogle Co-ordinator, at or 07871 562 355.