Be a Buddy

If you’re happy to show a colleague a route to work then why not be a Corridor Manchester Bike Buddy?

We can offer

  • Route Guide Training (new dates TBC)
  • moral support
  • the admin behind the scenes to put potential cyclists in touch with Buddies

To sign up, please email umbug@manchester.ac.uk

You can also search for a Bike Buddy.

4 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. Frank Manning

    Commute every day from Biddulph Moor, (A527 to Congleton, Giantswood Lane, Trap Street) to Jodrell Bank Observatory.
    I’m happy to ‘meet-up’ from up to ten miles off this route. My working hours are typically 08:00 to 16:00.

    1. Matthias

      Jodrell Bank isn’t exactly on my route but I’d be interested to
      commute with you (to get you back on your bike!). May have to
      get up a bit earlier than usual if you want to meet up in Biddulph
      but if that’s what it takes… Come on, Frank!

  2. Andy Grady

    I’m happy to be a Bike Buddy for anyone from the Stretford / Urmston area early in the morning. I start work at 8am so normally set off around 6.30am – 7am in order to get to work & shower etc. I also only work 3 (variable) days a week so it’s better if anyone wanting to travel with me drops me an email beforehand. I can often negotiate a later start on cycle event days.


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